1. Which NHL team did Alumni Ross Mahoney first scout for?
  2. Which Cougar Hockey Alumni joined the Austrian Army?
  3. What alias was used by former U of R coach Reg Higgs?
  4. What team did Bill Liskowich coach in Japan?
  5. How many Cougar Hockey Alumni are presently members of the Regina Police Service?
  6. Name any two sets of brothers that played on the Cougars at the same time.
  7. Which Cougar Hockey Alumni was drafted by the Los Angeles Dodgers of MLB?
  8. Which Cougar Hockey Alumni won an NCAA hockey title as a player?
  9. Which former Cougar was a member of the Los Angeles Sharks of the WHA?
  10. Which country did the Cougars play two exhibition games with prior to the 91 world juniors?
  11. List the four city arenas that the cougars played the bulk of their home games prior to this upcoming season.
  12. Which Cougar Hockey Alumni was a member of the Los Angeles Kings?
  13. Which NHL team did former coach Reg Higgs work with as an assistant coach?
  14. Which Roller Hockey International team did Alumni Bart Cote win a championship with?
  15. Which NHL team drafted Cougar Alumni Jason McLean?
  16. Name at least three Cougar Hockey Alumni that have won the memorial Cup?
  17. What year did the Cougars lose the national championship at home in Regina and who did they play in the final game?
  18. Name the two captains of the hockey team that have worn the “C” for three consecutive years?
  19. Which two Alumni won Gold Medals in Ice Hockey at the ’95 Canada Games?
  20. Which two CFL teams did Alumni Greg Fieger play for?
  21. Name two Canadian Junior teams that Alumni Rene Lemire has coached?
  22. How many Game and what was the record of the Cougars on their ’83 tour of Finland and Sweden?
  23. Which IHL team did the Cougars play a preseason game against in the Agridome?
  24. What year was Bill Liskowich the CIAU coach of the year?
  25. Which NHL team drafted alumni Rod Houk in the supplemental draft?
  26. How many times have the Cougars been to the national championships?
  27. Besides Joe Booth name the three trainers of the hockey team?
  28. Name the two alumni that started the Western Canada Goaltenders School?
  29. Who is the first father and son to play for the Cougars?
  30. Name the two alumni who are inspectors one with the Regina Police Service and one with the RCMP?
  31. Which two alumni are directors of amateur scouting and for what NHL teams?
  32. Which alumni was a Saskatchewan MLA?


1. Vancouver Canucks 2. Rick Nasheim 3. Rick Hamilton 4. Kokodo Bunnies 5. 9 6. Demmans, Lees, Lemire, Shervens, Ing, 7. Cory Stephen 8. Aaron Schweitzer
9. Jerry Zyrmiak 10.Norway 11. Sherwood Twins, Exhibition Stadium, Al Ritchie, Agridome 12. Todd Elik 13. New York Rangers and Philadelphia Flyers 14. San Jose Rhinos 15. New York Rangers 16 Donnie Kinney, Bart Cote, Mike Wirachowsky, Rick Urich, Jon Hammond 17. 1979 Alberta Golden Bears 18. Darcy Pindus and Ryan Hodgins 19. Ross Mahoney and Darrell Baumgartner, 20. Saskatchewan and Calgary 21. Moose Jaw and Notre Dame 22. 6 – 4-1-1 23. Las Vegas Thunder 24. 91-92 25. Minnesota North Stars 26. Four 27, Conrad Regier, Trevor Lenn, Robert Jamont 28. Darren Wilcox and Darrell Baumgartner 29. Ken and Carter Selinger 30. Darren Wilcox RPS and Warren Dosko RCMP. 31 Ross Mahoney – Washington and Al Murray – Tampa 32. Darcy Furber